Amiantus alumini similis nihil igni deperdit; hic veneficiis resistit omnibus, privatim magorum.

(Asbestos, like alum, is not consumed by fire; it is resistant to all witchcraft, especially those of the magicians.) - Pliny, Naturalis Historia 36, 139 first century D.C.

Asbestos - dangerous and virtually indestructible, it is still present in our daily life: roofs of buildings, plastering, floor tiles, planters, railings terraces, fireplaces stoves and fireplaces, vent pipes baths, gutters and downspouts, pipes of aqueducts and sewers, cladding heating pipes, water tanks in the attic, old fabrics, trimmings and old boilers heating, etc.

Under the current rules each property owner that has found in its buildings the presence of materials containing asbestos (MCA) is obliged to:

  • check the features
  • notify the area responsible ASL authority
  • perform risk assessment (for residents and workers)
  • give accurate information to the occupants of the buildings (residents or employees)
  • assess the state of degradation, especially for the materials exposed to the weather (like shell)
  • appoint a person responsible for all activities on m.c.a. (asbestos containing materials)
  • keep appropriate documentation identifying the characteristics and location of m.c.a. (asbestos containing materials)
  • plan maintenance operations for cleaning up, giving notice to the competent authorities (Municipality, ASL, ARPA, etc.)


Airportstudio has gained twenty years of experience in this industry, in both civil and naval inspections on the spot and analysis of suspicious materials, environmental sampling, design, organization, testing and site supervision of construction sites for remediation. The study makes available its own specialists for:

checks on the presence of asbestos containing materials (MCA)

  • asbestos risk assessment in residential and working areas
  • asbestos manager role
  • assessment of the state of degradation m.c.a. (asbestos containing materials)according to the Veneto Region and the Region of Lombardy procedures
  • m.c.a. (asbestos containing materials) withdrawals with special techniques
  • environmental sampling of gaseous substances
  • laboratory analysis (SEM and PCOM) and reporting
  • certification of returnable environments reclaimed
  • study of the most appropriate interventions to the situation in progress
  • cost / benefit evaluation of interventions
  • design and project management of the interventions
  • relations with the Public Administration


Our services are aimed at companies, property owners, the building managers and all those who:

  • they suspect that there are no materials containing asbestos (MCA)
  • they want to assess whether the roofs are made of asbestos or other materials
  • they revealed the presence of shells or other materials containing asbestos in the home and in the neighborhood
  • they must carry out a risk assessment of asbestos
  • they must appoint a manager for asbestos
  • they have to plan or carry out operations in areas with presence of materials containing asbestos (MCA)amianto
  • they received orders with mandatory assessments or intervention of materials containing asbestos (MCA) by municipalities, ASL, ARPAV, etc.