Consulting on safety and health at work

Health and safety at work now constitutes one of the most important and most advanced of the social policies of the European Union (EU). In this area, Community action is not limited to legislation: the European institutions carry out numerous activities information, guidance and promotion in favor of a safe and healthy working environment in cooperation with the European Agency for safety and health at work, as well as with the European Foundation for the improvement of living and Working Conditions. The European Union also puts in place a set of basic rules in order to protect the health and safety of workers. That is why we put in our system the Legislative decree 81/08 - so-called Consolidated Law on health and safety at work - laying down the obligations of employers and workers, especially in view of limiting accidents at work and occupational diseases and lead to improved training, information and consultation of employees.


Airportstudio has embraced this philosophy - constantly evolving: the continuous application alongside companies and, more generally, employers who intend to undertake a process of maturation and growth in this direction and share the assumption that "spending to increase the corporate security and improve the quality of life at the workplace is not a cost but an investment”.


Airportstudio makes available its specialists able to assist the company providing qualified assistance to meet all legal requirements, including: 

  • preparation or updating the risk assessment document (RAD)
  • fire hazard assessment (according to the classification of the level of fire risk in the workplace: high - medium - low)
  • preparation of the emergency plan
  • chemical risk assessment
  • noise / phonometry valuation risk exposure
  • vibrations risk assessment
  • repetitive motion valuation risk
  • work-related stress risk assessment
  • practices and authorizations management
  • relations with the supervisory agencies
  • taking charge of occupational physician and conduct health surveillance
  • taking charge external R.S.P.P.
  • implementation, management and maintenance of the safety management system (SMS)


Our services are directed to employers who have their roots planted in the present, but his eyes and mind turned to the future, in the research, innovation and, ultimately, to continuous improvement.