Condominium and super condominium safety

Work safety


The Legislative Decree 81/08, which replaced the Legislative decree 626/94, which identifies the responsible for safety at work – all purposes – condominium building manager.

In particular, if there is managed in condominiums of personnel assigned to perform work activities (eg porter, gardener, cleaning staff or maintenance, etc.), The building is treated as a company, and only then the condominium building manager assumes the role of employer.

As such, consequently, it must ensure that within the condominiums managed are complied with the provisions of Legislative decree 81/08 on health and safety at work, including the conduct of the risk assessment of condominiums.

In addition, workers who fall within the scope of the collective agreement of the owners of buildings (eg. Doormen, custody officers, cleaners, maintenance workers, etc.) Will have to provide appropriate information and training in Articles. 36 and 37 of the Legislative decree, with reference to the job position held; for the workers themselves will have to provide the necessary personal protective and appropriate equipment (PPE).

The administrator of a condominium without employees is exempted from preparing a written document of risk assessment but is still bound to assess the risks present within the building to protect the safety of the tenants and any contractor employees.

In the event that the building should outsource construction works, falling under the scope of Title IV of Legislative decree 81/08, the Administrator is necessarily qualified as a client and as such, subject to the obligations set out in Articles. 88 and following of the same legal text.

sicurezza condominioFire safety

The condominiums, as all areas of work and life, are subject to the rules of fire prevention, for which the building administrator must verify if the building falls within the scope of DPR 151/2011 (ex DM 16/02/1982): in other words, will have to check if there is an activity subject to obtaining a certificate of fire prevention (CPI) and periodic monitoring of the Fire Department (eg. boiler with potential more than 100,000 kcal / h, garage with more than 9 cars, buildings with height in the eaves above 24 meters, etc.).

Safety in general

To ensure the safety of condominiums, the building manager has the obligation to verify and ensure constant compliance with the legislation relating to current establishments: electrical, floor and lighting, thermal lift (lifts and elevators), gates and automatic barriers, etc.

It must also ensure that within the building managed are not installed dangerous activities to the life of the building itself.

Presence of asbestos

Often in condominiums can be found the presence of asbestos-containing building elements: roofs, floors, chimneys, parapets, plaster, coatings, water tanks, reservoirs, sewage pipes, cladding heating pipes, in the boiler room, etc.

sicurezza-condominioAccording to current regulations each owner of property that has found in its buildings the presence of asbestos containing materials (MCA) is obliged to:verificarne le caratteristiche

  • check the features
  • notify the area responsible ASL authority
  • perform risk assessment (for residents and workers)
  • give accurate information to the occupants of the buildings (residents or employees)
  • assess the state of degradation, especially for the materials exposed to the weather (like shell)
  • appoint a person responsible for all activities on m.c.a. (asbestos containing materials)
  • keep appropriate documentation identifying the characteristics and location of m.c.a. (asbestos containing materials)
  • Plan maintenance operations for cleaning up, giving notice to the competent authorities (Municipality, ASL, ARPA, etc.).


Arportstudio offers consultancy as a reference point for the management of safety in apartment blocks, helping the administrator in organizational management, by performing the checks and inspections required, preparing all the technical documentation required under existing regulations.

Supports building manager in technical choices, in the assessment of the suitability of companies, analysis and comparison of estimates, etc .; It facilitates collaboration and ensures coordination with the companies entrusted with the interventions in general or the installation and / or maintenance of the facilities.

For example, it performs the drafting of the risk assessment of the condominium, according to the following phases:

  • building inspection
  • collecting, analyzing and cataloging of the condominium risks
  • document drafting of the building risk assessment
  • information and training of employees

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