Technical assistance for cleaning and decontamination of polluted environments and sites

The term "contaminated site" refers to all those areas where, as a result of human activities, past or ongoing, it was detected alteration of the qualitative characteristics of environmental media - soil, subsoil and groundwater - that represent a risk to human health.

National legislation relating to rehabilitation of contaminated sites, introduced by DM 471/99, has been profoundly changed by the Legislative Decree no. 152/06 and subsequent amendments "Environmental regulations" that, to Part IV, Title V "Reclamation of Contaminated Sites", regulates the remediation and environmental restoration of contaminated sites, and defines the procedures, criteria and procedures for the conduct of operations necessary for the 'elimination of sources of pollution and in any case to reduce concentrations of pollutants, in harmony with the principles and rules of Community, with particular reference to the "polluter pays".

Recent amendments to the Italian Criminal Code, obtained with the introduction of an autonomous "Title VI - OF CRIMES AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT", resulted in a higher punishment - a doubling of the statute of limitations - for the crimes committed against the environment, including:

  • environmental pollution
  • death or injury as a result of the crime of environmental pollution
  • environmental disaster
  • Traffic and abandonment of highly radioactive material
  • impediment of environmental control and safety and hygiene
  • omitted clean

Airportstudio has significant experience in the following areas:

  • search and preliminary study on contaminated sites from abandonment or recovery of waste
  • search and preliminary study on sites contaminated by accidental events (fire, spills, etc.)
  • search for the best s rehabilitation solutions of sites, even in environments contaminated with asbestos or radioactive dust
  • research and development at European level of rehabilitation of contaminated steel radioactive dust


Airportstudio makes available its specialists to provide a qualify assistance in:

  • preliminary analysis of customer needs with direct
  • preliminary surveys to the implementation of emergency response for safety
  • studies and research for the decontamination
  • make withdrawals and sampling of materials
  • technical \ economic preliminary feasibility studies of interventions
  • design of rehabilitation (characterization, rehabilitation and risk analysis)
  • prepare technical \ administrative documentation for permission to work
  • organize, test, manage and oversee the operations of preparation and reclamation sites
  • care for and maintain relationships with the relevant government organizations also in service conferences


Our services are aimed to:

  • detect the abandonment of waste in land owned
  • are aware of the presence of pollutants that contaminate its goods or workplaces
  • must schedule the execution of environmental rehabilitation also post incidental