Safety coordination in stage design and execution - Responsible of the work - Direction of works - Accounting of works

Because of the quality and accuracy of the approach to safety, Airportstudio boasts its expert assistance in construction to date with ZERO INJURIES. The Coordinator for Safety in the Design phase (CSD) and the Coordinator for Safety in the Execution phase (CSE) are two key and fundamental players in the work safety system, assigned by the Consolidated Law on safety at work. The appointment of C.S.D. it is not always required, as it is the figure of the CSE, it is important to check in advance the existence of the requirements for the respective nominations. To both of these figures are assigned specific roles and responsibilities and the client cannot refuse to name them, risking rather relevant criminal and administrative sanctions.

Another important figure is the Works Supervisor identified in the Title IV of the Consolidated Law on safety at work as "... a person who may be appointed by the customer to perform the tasks assigned to it by this decree; in the application of the legislative decree 12 April 2006 n. 163, as amended and integrated, the project supervisor is responsible for the procedure.”

The customer - as required by the norms and numerous law cases - is the subject around which the site safety, with related responsibilities, from which can be relieved only by the appointment of a project manager and within the limits of the assignments to these conferred..

The Project Manager, finally, is the professional adviser, appointed by the Client, who looks after the correct execution of the work in its various stages, through periodic visits to the construction site.

On the basis of a contract of professional work the technician is entrusted to performance specific tasks, checking and monitoring the execution of the work, activities to be carried by the same technician with all the means and capabilities available to the professional and with the added condition that these means and knowledge are tailored to the characteristics of the works that should be established. The duty of diligence that results is expressed through a series of activities that the project manager has to perform and involves, at a glance, the following:

  • monitoring of the work (periodical presence in construction site also)
  • compliance of the work with the project (full correspondence with the requirements of the work in the project)
  • regulatory compliance (adequacy and correspondence of the executed with current regulations)
  • technical verification (completeness and technical accuracy of processes)
  • audit and administrative control(accuracy of accounting documents and correspondence of the payments with respect to the works - completeness of the permits required)


Airportstudio has significant experience in public and private works. It provides its team of specialists for a qualified assistance in:

  • analysis of customer needs
  • assume the role as Coordinator of safety that follows the design
  • assume the role as Coordinator of safety following the execution of the work
  • assume as Construction Manager, that lifts the responsibility off the customer and follows the execution of the work
  • assume the role as Construction Director in exclusive behalf of the Customer
  • drafting security plans built "to fit" every shipbuilding  need
  • drafting and inspect the books kept of the works
  • provide technical/ legal assistance throughout the project and its implementation
  • to maintain relations with the authorities in charged with issuing permits and monitoring of construction sites


Our services are aimed for those who:

  • want to rely on qualified hands
  • wish to fulfill their own projects with "ZERO THOUGHTS"
  • do not intend to incur into civil and criminal penalties in case of omissions or accidents on construction sites