Field inspection tests

The final phase of the process of execution of a job, both public and private, is testing it. In summary, the purpose of the test is to verify that the work has been performed in a workmanlike manner and in accordance with the stipulations laid down and to settle the credit of the contractor. In particular, the test tends to verify and certify (in an act called TEST CERTIFICATE) that the opera or the work were performed in a workmanlike manner and according to the technical requirements established in accordance with the contract, to its possible variations and the consequent acts of submission or additional duly approvals. The inspection also aims to verify that the data resulting from the accounting and supporting documents correspond with each other and with the results of fact, not only in size, shape and quantity, but also quality of materials, components and supplies used. In inspection it must be verified that the expropriation procedures charged to the contractor have been completed promptly and diligently. The inspection includes all the technical verifications still under the laws of the industry and includes, finally, the examination of the reserves of the contractor, on which a final resolution has not been involved through administrative channels and where registered in accounting and in the final bill in terms and in the manner prescribed by regulation. The same approach can also be applied to private jobs


Airportstudio has gain significant experience in both private and public sectors: hospitals, public office buildings, sewers, infrastructure works (roads, aqueducts and sewage systems, telephone and electrical, lighting systems fuel public and private cemeteries). Makes available its members of specialists registered in the Regional Inspectors Board of the Veneto Region for the following categories "Building operas- General operas: OG1 - OG2; Building operas – Specialize operas: OS2-OS6-OS7-OS8-OS18-OS23 -OS24 OS-25- OS32 -OS33 " "Sewer, aqueducts, pipelines in gender and water treatment plants - Op. General: OG6; Op. Specialist: OS22 "with qualified assistance in:

  • analysis of customer needs
  • take the role of Field test inspector of the operas carry out the field inspection tests specified by the standards in effect
  • effettuare i collaudi prescritti dalle norme in vigore
  • perform field inspection tests on foundations and on road pavements, aqueducts and sewers, floors and reinforced concrete
  • ensure consistency between the performed work and their effective implementation


Our services are aimed to those who:

  • wish to rely on qualified hands for field inspection testing works both in the public and private sector
  • wish to verify the correct and complete execution of the work commissioned