Topographic, cadastral and mortgage services

TOPOGRAPHY: the word - that comes from the Greek τόπος ("place") and γράφειν ("write") - is the science that deals with the precise determination of the position of an entity on the earth's surface and, subsequently, to represent such entities on paper .

Strictly speaking, the term topography indicates only the representation of limited portions of the earth's surface, omitting the curvature of the earth (distances less than 10 km, field topography) without making mistakes that can affect the accuracy of the final survey.

LAND REGISTER (CATASTO): the italian word CATASTO - that comes from the Greek κατάστιχον, or κατά στίχον, "line by line" - is used in a general sense to indicate any systematic investigation of homogeneous objects, typically accompanied by a map and a register.

In the common perception, the land registry consists of the set of documents, maps and acts, which describe the property (commonly referred to as land and buildings, indicating places and borders), reporting the name of the holders and annuities. With annuities are calculated fees and taxes.

MORTGAGE (IPOTECA): the italin word IPOTECA - that comes from the Greek ὑποθήκη, "similar to" ὑποτίθημι "put under, engage" - in Italian law indicates a security interest constituted in favor of a creditor of assets - real estate or registered movables - the debtor (or a third party who guarantees), in order to ensure with the forced sale of the same the performance of an obligation.

The mortgage is governed by articles 2808 and following of the Italian Civil Code.


Airportstudio makes available its specialists to provide a qualified assistance in:

Topographic services

  • preliminary analysis of customer needs and design activities after inspection
  • topographic surveysaltimetry surveys
  • cartographic rendering
  • detailed surveys of industrial and non-industrial areas
  • expropriation procedures
  • states of consistency
  • contabilità cantieri e lavori
  • sites and works accounting
  • stacking buildings - civil buildings - rural industrial
  • cadastral demarcation
  • fractioning

Cadastral services

  • reliminary analysis of customer needs and design activities after inspection
  • registration documents and registry searches
  • cadastral data updates and adjustments for buildings and land (DOCFA and Pregeo)
  • contract transfers
  • cadastral plans
  • terrain maps
  • cadastral income consultation
  • undeclared manufactured:particles search
  • successions
  • twenty years cadastral certificate
  • monographic fiducial points queries
  • practical cadastral status query

Mortgage services

  • preliminary analysis of customer needs and design activities after inspection
  • generic mortgage inspections
  • twenty-year mortgage inspections


Our services are targeted for those who need the following:

  • realize or place different nature operas on the territory (roads, bridges, aqueducts, sewers, reservoirs, historic buildings, housing estates, residential buildings, industrial, electricity substations and other services etc.)
  • build a map of a small area or a larger territory
  • identify, define or verify the property boundaries
  • subdivide land or buildings
  • know the properties
  • update the plans or the data of a property
  • learn about the changes in ownership occurred over time on real estate
  • verify the presence of mortgages on real estate
  • safeguard the buying and selling of properties previously verifying the existence of registrations and prejudicial transcriptions