Real estate estimates - Estimation consulting

stime immobiliariBuying a property is an extremely delicate, to avoid unwelcome surprises, accurate preliminary investigations are required across the board (mortgage, cadastral, urban and building, plant, etc.) to know the "history" and have the certainty of the goodness of one’s investment. Real estate appraisal and consulting estimation, strongly growing activity sector with the recognition in Italy of new standards of valuation, is another activity of the firm that over the years has increased, thanks to the experience gained in decades of real estate complex management.


consulenza estimativaAirportstudio makes available its specialists to provide assistance in:

  • support clients in the stages prior to the acquisition of real property with all-round and in-depth investigations on the assets to be acquired
  • assist clients during the negotiations prior to the acquisition of real property
  • prepare and assist clients to participate in legal auctions
  • prepare accurate appraisals of real estate
  • take care of the deficiencies found building, zoning, land, plant, etc.. assets to be acquired or acquired


consulenza_estimativa_serviziOur services are aimed to:

  • companies, organizations or individuals who must evaluate the convenience and the opportunity to acquire or dispose of property
  • customers who wish to purchase property safely without finding unpleasant surprises later
  • customers who wish to buy property in a legal auction