Sustainable design

progettazione ecosostenibile

The philosophy of the study, in constant evolution, has espoused the idea of sustainable development built in the present - here and now - but projected into the future.

Combining the definitions of the "Bruntland Report" (1987) and ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives - 1994) for sustainable development we mean development that meets the needs of the present, offering environmental, social and economic services to all members of a community without threatening the viability of the natural, the built and the social systems upon which these services supply depend and, above all, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

This goal can be pursued with the construction of zero energy buildings or ZEB: residential, commercial, office spaces that drastically reduce their energy needs by designing efficiently and optimizing thermal gains. Within these facilities the energy needs are met by installations that recover part of the internal energy and also produce energy from renewable sources.

So, at the base of the Zero Energy Building definition is the idea that these buildings meet their energy needs by sources located on site, low cost, non-polluting and renewable.

progettazione ecosostenibileSERVICES OFFERED

Airportstudio makes available its specialists to provide a qualified assistance in:

  • analysis of customer needs
  • preliminary feasibility studies for technical / economic interventions in traditional buildings and/or in eco-friendly buildings
  • architectural and structural design for traditional and sustainable building projects in the public and private spheres
  • funding research for implementation of interventions
  • technical / legal assistance during the entire project and its implementation
  • coordination during design and execution process, project manager position role, construction management
  • relation management with the authorities responsible for issuing permits


progettazione ecosostenibileOur services are aimed at clients who want to construct buildings - public and private - with a more attentive approach to a design that takes into account the biocompatibility, the sustainability of buildings in order to limit the impact in the environment.

We apply a model that covers both new buildings, which must be made in compliance with very restrictive technical regulations, and buildings that require recovery and rehabilitation actions.